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The Critical Angle (Shoulder Study in Long-Legged Terriers

David Post, DVM,MS and Laura Post, Ph.D.
(Text of Article as Published in July, 2005 AKC Gazette)

Shoulder structure and its relationship to movement is one

of the most confusing areas for more

The Hair Of The Terrier (Clippering versus Stripping - Viva La Difference!)

The Hair of Wire-Haired Breeds

David Post,DVM,MS and Laura Post,Ph.D.
(Text as published June, 2006 in Just Terriers)

All mammals have hair, even whales. Among the different species, more

Not Just Child's Play - A visit with Tom Lams about the relationship between children and dogs

Laura Post, Ph.D.

"I want to get a puppy for my child. When will you have a litter for sale?"

This question can strike fear in a breeder's heart. Which is ironic because  more

Back to Basics Showbreeders Translate Murphy's Laws

by Laura Post, PH.D.

One of my favorite books of all times, "No Hidden Meanings" by Sheldon Kopp and Claire Flanders has

an more



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