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Airedale Information Overview

Perfect Dogs

This story section of our web site is designed to give information on Airedale Terriers in Tyler, TX, and to give insight into the behavior and health issues of Airedales.


We don't have any perfect dogs, and to our knowledge, we have never bred one!!  Sometimes, people get the idea that if they get a particular dog, it will be perfect. It might be great, but it is still a dog. It will sniff butts, eat cat poop, occasionally eat foreign objects, get sick, sometimes seriously sick, occasionally snap at someone, pee on the couch, dig holes, tear up the carpet and your expensive shoes, eat drywall, run out the front door and down the street, ignoring your calls.

6 pack.jpg

It will also greet you with enthusiasm when you get home, lay at your side when you are tired, and lick your hand when you have no food to offer.


Contact Texter Terriers to see if one of our Airedale Terrier puppies are the best fit for you and your family!

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