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Texter Puppies

For information about our puppy availability

and our pet contracts, 

please contact us at or 903.565.4828.

Our Puppy-Rearing Philosophy


We raise our puppies in our house.

A room next to our kitchen is where the puppies' first

couple months are spent.  They get a lot of socialization

being in our house.  When the pups are on their feet, we

have an open crate where they will choose to sleep, thereby getting "crate trained."  (Dogs like to have their own cave of sorts to sleep in.)  Their room also opens to a yard where housebreaking can begin.  They naturally use the edges of their room to eliminate so transitioning to regular visits outside when age appropriate brings along housebreaking nicely.  By about seven weeks of age, the pups are on their way to being housetrained. 

The pups are highly socialized as we have many people, especially children who interact with the puppies. The pups get a lot of play time and handling.

We request that pets that are not shown in conformation be neutered/spayed by six months of age. We sell the pups with limited registration only with the rare exception being seasoned Airedale breeders. We register all our litters with the AKC. They are wormed and age-appropriately immunized.  And all pf our pups are microchipped before going to their forever homes.

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For more information about our pet contracts and availability,

please E-mail us.

"Need To Know" Airedale Facts

  • Airedales shed but not as much as breeds like Labrador Retrievers.

  • Airedales like to dig.

  • Airedales are high energy dogs (i.e. need exercise).

  • Airedales need "quantity time" with their humans. They do not make good "backyard only" dogs.

  • Airedales are slower to mature than some breeds. Housebreaking takes a little longer (as much as six months).

  • Females are more nurturing and a bit calmer, males tend to be more independent and feistier.

  • Airedale puppies chew on any and everything. (Put your expensive shoes up high.)

  • Airedales are classified as "medium-sized" dogs. Females - 45-55 lbs and slightly under 23" from the shoulder to the ground. Males - 50-65 lbs and 23-24" from shoulder to foot.

  • Expect to have your Airedale groomed every six weeks.

  • Airedales make excellent family pets.

  • Airedales are naturally protective of hearth and home.

  • Airedales are moderate barkers.

  • Airedales don't usually back down from a fight.

  • Potential health concerns for the Airedale are hip dysplasia and skin allergies. Less common but sometimes seen: Autoimmune hemolytic anemia, cancer, and kidney disease.

  • Reputable breeders have Airedale hips "OFA'd" or "Pen-Hip'd". Ask your breeder about these terms.

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