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General Information

Congenital Diseases Concerning Airedales

By Dr. David Post, DVM, MS

Congenital diseases and conditions are problems that occur due either directly

to the genetics of the dog or because the genetic make-up predisposes

a more

What should I know about Airedale temperaments?

In addition to the intelligence, sense of humor, courage, faithfulness, and playfulness

described elsewhere, there are several Airedale characteristics that more

How long do Airedales live?

Typically, Airedales live 11 to 14 years. They frequently remain active even late in life.

Two prominent studs serve as more

Oorang and "Working/Hunting" Airedales

During the 1920's, Airedales were among the most popular breeds of dog. Anytime a breed goes through a popularity more

Puppy Socialization: Places to go, people to see

Exposing your puppy to as many new and different positive experiences as possible.

Developmental Stages:


  • 0-7 Weeks - - “All In The Family”This is a more

Teething Issues

Those gums and teeth are developing and boy! do they hurt. And boy! it feels good to more

Ear Gluing

Your breeder is the first place to start when considering ear gluing. The Airedale's ears are more

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