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Fun Stories From The Post Clan & Texter Airedale Owners

Airedales and Obedience

You can look in many books about Airedales and read about miraculous

stories where more

Airedales and Children
When I had my daughter Kate, our Airedale Lady did several things that

surprised me. When I was about seven months

pregnant, more

Airedales and Cats

What The Airedales Really Think Of Cats

It is fair to say that the Airedales “tolerate” Ash’s presence.

Given the more

Airedales Go to Work

David and I take a couple of dogs into the clinic everyday. They like the change of scenery and entertain clients. Lady, especially, likes to go to work. One of her favorite activities is to try to scare the boarding cats. The boarding cats stay in cages that are about 3 feet off the ground. Lady, if given the chance, will go from crate to crate and do a “Boo” at the cats, she suddenly raises her head in full view of the cage and bumps the cage. I usually yell at her to stop and she prances over to me, laughing all the way. She loves to do this prank.

Airedales and Agility

I (David) had wanted to get involved in agility for some time, but my schedule prohibited the opportunity. Finally, .... read more

Airedales and Digging

Airedales are diggers. Terriers. We have enough space that we more

Texture Airedale Personalities

Ruth- She is the mother of Sarge and Gunnie, and .... read more

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