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Texter Chip In For Eagle "Treyvon"


Ch. Texter Chips Ahoy "Chip"


Texter Stacking The Chips "Pringles"

Texter Lights The Way "Gabriella"

Ch Texter Aire Jordan "Jordie"


Ch. Texter Stronghold Legend ("Mick") 


Texter Stronghold Crusader ("Kane")

Ch. Texter Chips Ahoy "Chip"

Texter Chip Off The Ol' Block ("Chip Jr.")


Ch. Texter Mustang Sally ("Sally")


Texter Stronghold Maverick ("Owen")


Texter Sabu Tige Too ("Tige")

Texter Hillbilly Girl ("Ellie Mae") 


Texter Sabu Baloo Two ("Baloo")

Texter Talk of the Town ("Piper")

Texter Takes The Lead ("Nike")

Texter Apple of My Eye ("Evie")

Texter Southern Belle ("Belle") 

Texter Southern Spirit ("Savvy") 

Texter Pedigree with watermark.jpg

Texter Quantum Steel Magnolia "Weezer"


Ch. Texter Miss Pearly Gates "Pearl"

Texter Laura's Lady "Lady"


Am/Can CH. Quantum Texter Stealth Bomber CGC  "Luke Skywalker "


Ch. Quantum's Paper Chase "ChiChi"

Ch. Penaire Texter Dixie Chick "Dixie"

Ch. Quantum Texter Ready to Sizzle

Ch. Texter Twist N' Shout

Ch. Texter Walkin' On Sunshine

Ch. Texter Rickochet Moonlite Madness

Ch. Texter Junie B. Jones

Ch. Texter Starlight Foggy "Foggy"

Ch. Texter Starlight Moondance "Moonie"

Ch. Texter Fandango CGC "Fanny"

Ch. Texter's Quality Control Mr. Q"

Ch. Texter's Patton

Ch. Texter's Calamity Kate "Gunny"

Ch. Texter's Sergeant at Arms "Sarge"

Texter's Ravishing Ruth (Ruth)

Texter's Puttin-on-Ritz

Ch. Skycladd's Texter Tango "Tango"

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